Sabtu, 09 Maret 2013

Jual beli

How much are the apples ?

Peter             : I want some apples, Jane.
Jane              : Apples ?
Peter             : Yes, they're cheap.
Jane              : Oh, look. they're nice apples.
Peter             : Oh yes, they are nice. How much are they ?
Jane              : Excuse me! Those apples. How much are they ?
Shopkeeper  : They're cheap. Thirty pence for six
Jane              : Yes, they are cheap. Five pence for one
Peter             : I want three
Jane              : Can I have three apples, please?
Shopkeeper  : Certainly, madam. Here you are. Three apples
Jane              : Thank you. How much ?
Shopkeeper  : Eighteen pence, please
Peter             : Eighteen pence! But three fives are fifteen
Jane              : Yes. three fives are fifteen
Shopkeeper  : Thirty pence for six, madam. But six pence for one. Three sixes are eighteen.
                       Eighteen pence please
Peter             : Six pence for one. Oh, they're dear
Jane               : Yes, they are dear
Peter             : We'll buy somethung else


International Club

David       : Hallo, I'm David Garza. I'm a new club member.
Beth         : Hi. My name is Elizabeth Silva, but please call me Beth.
David       : Ok. Where are you from, Beth?
Beth         : Brazil. How about you ?
David       : I'm from Mexico
Beth         : Oh, good. Sun Hee is here
David       : Who's Sun Hee?
Beth         : She's my classmate. We're in same math class.
David       : Where's she from ?
Beth         : Korea. Let's go and say hello. what's your last name again? Garcia?
David       : Actually, it's Garza
Beth         : How do you spell that ?
David       : G-A-R-Z-A
Beth         : Sun Hee, this is David Garza. He's a new club member from Mexico
Sun Hee   : Nice to meet you, David. I'm Sun Hee Park.
David       : Hi. So, you're from Korea?
Sun Hee   : That's right. I'm from Seoul.
David       : That's cool. What's Seoul like?
Sun Hee   : It's really nice. It's big and very exciting
David       : Oh sorry I will go to rostrum
                  See you later 
Sun Hee &
Beth         :See you later